Image to Model

PalaeoPi offers an image to 3D model consultancy service.  We are able to provide advice at all stages of the photogrammetric capture process, from photography to model post processing and optimisation.  We can turn your photographic images of artefacts or objects into 3D models for you, by using professional software.  In addition you may send us an object to scan, or we can arrange a sampling trip to bring our staff and rig to you!  An example of our work is below, for our complete portfolio please visit our model gallery here.

We charge a flat fee for a single model reconstruction, or a per day rate.  The number of models that can be scanned and or processed during a day will vary based upon their complexity and the quality of photos provided.  If you wish to discuss a project proposal or receive an estimate and quote, please contact us through one of the methods supplied here.