C.H.I.P: the World’s first $9 computer

There’s a really cool Kickstarter project to be found here.   C.H.I.P.  What’s interesting about C.H.I.P is that it promises to be the World’s first $9 computer.  What’s really cool about this is that it will be able to run a version of Linux (Python and bash scripting anyone?).  Not only that but it also features, GPIOs (input output pins for all you people like me who are interested in hooking up various motors and sensors to your projects), blue tooth and wi-fi (built in).  For $9.  The only existing product that I was tempted to buy to get these features (but glad I didn’t now) is the Arudino based LightBlue Bean.  A $9 price tag means this becomes available to virtually everyone to tinker with and learn.  How awesome is that?