Completed Prototypes

Here is a summary of the rapid prototyping projects that PalaeoPi has been involved in over the years.

The MKI TablePi for automated photogrammetric capture of dog skulls that enabled rapid population level data acquisition for geometric morphometric (GMM) analysis.  Commissioned by the Universities of Aberdeen and Oxford and published here, the device enabled a doubling of sample acquisition efficiency.

Custom grinding pods and holders for use in a Retsch mixer mill that enabled higher throughput sample milling during ancient DNA extraction from bones.  Commissioned by the Henry Wellcome PalaeoBARN at the University of Oxford, the project enabled a three fold increase in the number of samples that could be milled per cycle.

A pressed pellet multi sample stage for a Hitachi TM3000 that enabled higher throughput EDX analysis.  Commissioned by the DARC Lab at Durham University, the stage allows for nine 10 mm pressed pellets to be loaded into the analysis chamber at once meaning a significant amount of time is saved pulling down a vacuum in between loads.