Palaeopi Upgrade

It’s now official.  Palaeopi is now powered by a Raspberry Pi 2.  I had a few hiccups.  Before you transfer from your old Pi, make sure to upgrade through the following commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Also, during boot up my Pi was hanging.  I was finding that the default governer, which is something to do with dynamic clock speed was causing the system to freeze.  My clock speed was set to the old setting for a model B rev 1.2 @ 900MhZ.  To overcome this, you can override this on start up by pressing ‘shift’.  Log in as usual and then type “raspi-config” and go to the over clocking settings.  In there, there is an option for the new Pi2.  After this, I got normal behaviour on boot up.

Looking forward to trying out some parallel programming in Python and having a faster server!