Software updated to version 2.0

Here at PalaeoPi our executive director wears many hats. One of them is software engineer. After a month of late nights and lots of coffee, we now have a powerful new release available for customers of the TablePi MKIII; Version 2.0!

Version 2.0 has the following improvements to offer over 1.1.

  • Fully responsive graphical user interface; no more latency during capture.
  • The ability to pause, resume and cancel a capture at any point.
  • The ability to use randomly generated UUIDs at the push of a button if you do not wish to use a keyboard and mouse.
  • Double sided mode which will pause halfway through a capture so that you can flip an object and resume when you want it to.
  • Remote software updating; to make it easier to benefit from future releases.
  • Optimisation of photo download; what used to take several minutes now takes seconds.
  • Additional options for photos per capture; you can now take 80, 64, 50, 40, 32, 25, or 5 images per rotation.

We will be in contact with our existing customers about how to upgrade your system. For new customers, all new orders include the new release by default.

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