Hello and a warm welcome to palaeopi.  If you’re interested in Archaeological Science and tutorials on coding/geekery, then stick around.  On this site you’ll find tutorials on programming/making/geekery; code snippets and examples from my programming portfolio; tech related posts/product reviews; and information on research I am involved in at work (Archaeology, Genetics, Visualisation, Morpology).

Why the name PalaeoPi?  Well it’s simple.  Palaeo means ‘older’ or ‘ancient’, most of the things I get to work on are in the field of palaeoecology, prehistory, and evolution: usually it’s been dead for a long time.  Pi is taken from the device which I first started hosting this website on.  Yes, this website and all it’s apps were successfully hosted on a £25 computer for nearly three years; the Raspberry Pi.

bplusNowadays, PalaeoPi is hosted on a professional server somewhere in Scotland.  I have made this move for various reasons; security, redundancy, stability etc.  Mainly, I no longer have the time to make sure the web-services are constantly available/accessible, and I also have a toddler who likes to unplug things.  Raspberry Pis do not like being unplugged, neither does MySQL…