TablePi2 automated photogrammetry system with computer module and turntable module, a statue of Buddha is placed on the scanning surface
Behold the new TablePi2!

We have a new automated photogrammetry system available for purchase, the TablePi2, you can buy it below or read about it here. You can also buy a TablePi2 turntable unit to use with your old TablePi computer module and buy a new case for your TablePi or TablePi/TablePi2 combo.

What our Customers are saying

“The turntable was very easy to set up and use, it worked with an old Canon camera I had straight out of the box”

Dr Paul Wilson Warwick University

“A very useful addition to mass digitisation workflows!

Mr John Peterson University of Liverpool

Trouble Ordering?

If you have trouble paying through our web store, or wish to pay for something not listed e.g. repair, please contact us to arrange for alternative methods of payment or for a quotation.

N.B. We have retired the TablePi, but don’t worry, our software updates will still work on the older machine thanks to our policy of long term backwards compatability! We will still repair and refurbish your TablePi should it stop working and will do our best to get it working again even if older parts are no longer available!

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