Consultancy Services

In addition to providing you with your own automated photogrammetry rig, PalaeoPi offers an image to 3D model consultancy service, which can take the form of: –

  1. 3D models from client provided photos.
  2. 3D models from photos where we will capture on site for you.
  3. Web optimisation of your existing models.
  4. Training in photogrammetry and 3D modelling software.

We are able to provide advice at all stages of the photogrammetric capture process, from photography, work flow, and automation; to model post-processing and web optimisation.  You can see a few examples of models our company consultant has reconstructed for research groups and museums below, and you can see a larger portfolio of his work here.  If you wish to discuss a project proposal or receive a free consultation and quote, please contact us here.

Ashmolean Museum by Richard B Allen on Sketchfab

Bones by Richard B Allen on Sketchfab

RLAHA Stone Tools by Richard B Allen on Sketchfab